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Investing in Virtual Mining Smart Contract Blockchain Technologies is a safe way to make money online in today's world. Get a profit of 1.33% per day.

vmining bitcoin

How the
VMining platform
Blockchain Smart Contract works

Our online platform is a mix of publicity and privacy. Publicity is complete transparency, predictability and automation of our company's work, when practically the human factor is excluded.

Privacy provides complete anonymity for our customers and partners, if only they themselves not want to reveal themselves or any data. We also understand privacy as an opportunity for our partners decide for themselves when and how to invest, when and how to withdraw their honest earned money. To do this, we have created online accounts for each client and 24/7 support.

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How to make money
with us?

01Registration on the platform.
02Selection of an investment package.
You choose the term and amount of the investment.
03Choosing a method of depositing and withdrawing funds.
04Diversification of investments through different packages,
which can be opened at the same time.
05Calculation of own profit and financial planning.

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vmining bitcoin

International community
Global Decentralized Ecosystem

Decentralized marketing is powered by the revolutionary smart contract technology*. The code for VMining smart contract can be seen here fully open, so you can be completely confident in the security and long-term operation of the project

Any risks
The human factor is excluded. The smart contract is independent neither from whom, the complete inability to stop the project
Instant transactions
Profit flows from other members directly to your private purse. No savings in the system, the income belongs only to you
The invariability of conditions
Nobody can exclude you from the project, because such the function is not in the contract. And the information recorded in the network blocks cannot be changed
There are no managers or admins at the head, there are only creators who are the same participants in the project as everyone else
Transparency and anonymity
The smart contract is open, anyone can see the code and the whole history transactions. This guarantees the purity of the conditions and real project statistics.
100% online
All funds move between participants, no hidden commissions. The contract balance is always zero